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Hi there, I am faithful and loyal secretary to the most powerful and elegant RTE, the latest TinyMCE 4.3+, pleased to meet you. (hopefully installation went well) 

Instant assistance

  1. http://forums.modx.com/thread/97694/support-comments-for-tinymcewrapper
  2. Join MODX slack, find me here, #tinymcewrapper-suite
  3. TinyMCE FORUM

I come loaded with everything you need to beautifully edit your content/images in the backend and frontend.

Try out my frontend Imogen Theme in conjunction with TinyMagicPublisher. View this resource in the frontend!
This snippet plugs into any template you can dream of.

Try out TinyJSONGallery - the most powerful and versatile Gallery Manager
As you can see in this resource, the Gallery is active.
To test chunks, open this chunk, NatureAlbum_myGallery

In the frontend use onclick="popGal('np-TinyJSONGalleryTV')", or fire that line in your browser's console

popGal(textareaJSON, titleOfModal, heightOfModal, widthOfModal, addIDofTextareaToTitle)

TinymceWrapper Plugin Properties (configuration)

  1. Caters for all backend RTE and CodeMirror Code Editor for elements - (see respective chunks)
  2. In charge of the TinyJSONGallery.
  3. Can turn off individual features of this Extra

TinyMagicPublisher Snippet Properties (configuration)

  1. Caters for all frontend RTE inits (see respective chunks)
  2. In charge of all things magical

elfinderConnector Snippet Properties (configuration)

  1. Caters for all things elFinder (see respective chunks)
  2. Relates to sub snippet for personal folder creation

responsivefilemanagerConnector Snippet Properties (configuration)

  1. Caters for all things RFM
  2. Relates to sub snippet for personal folder creation

I contain handcrafted plugins and skins to marvelously extend your TinyMCE RTE - some of the plugins are first of their kind.

I can also take care of your images with my wonderful and powerful TinyJSON Gallery. The game changes here!

I am clean and neat. Use valid_elements, valid_children ... to restrict html tags to precisely and exactly as you desire


Be sure to read the extensive changes in this Extra's changelog: a plethora of sweet additions (plugins, snippets, skins, features) and many bug fixes.

Remember, if you want to survive future upgrades, duplicate all chunks, retain names, add suffix, specify suffix in Plugin properties.

Create your own property sets.


  1. elFinder (1 resource, 6 chunks, 2 snippets) - accessed through the resource
  2. Responsive FileManager (1 chunk, 2 snippets) - accessed through dialog.php in own folder
  3. MODx Native File Browser
  4. Roxy Fileman

File Browsers 1, 2 have full internal MODx configuration. No need to edit physical files.
- Find their snippets under TinymceWrapper in your categories.
- Right-click to find properties - edit what you like
- Back your configs by creating own PropertySet
- Both have full support for auto personal folder creation and management

elFinder Possible url options: all standard elFinder features (find in official WIKI)


By default, elFinder will lock all your folders. Change setting by viewing the properties of the elFinder snippet. Find the snippet, right-click on it, find properties. Best to create your own property set.

  1. unlocked=1 - If you are an admin use this to lock all folders from the browser
  2. rememberLastDir and useBrowserHistory - must be 0 if you use folder to quickly target destination
  3. hide - you have 6 volumes (1,2,3,4,5,p) to work with, you can hide any via browser when you want. To hide p (personal folder) hide=p, to hide 2,4 and 5 and p, use hide=2345p
  4. folder - if you have multiple volumes, only the first will work. You may hide the rest except the one you wish to target. Say you wish to target in {volume 4} myImages/the business/wonderful acres/pdfs 
    do tw_elfinder_browser.html?hide=1235p&folder=myImages/the business/wonderful acres/pdfs
  5. pset - by now you have created your own Property Set to backup your settings. To use it, do  tw_elfinder_browser.html?pset=customSet...
  6. theme - loaded are windows10 and moono leave blank for default. E.g,  tw_elfinder_browser.html?theme=windows10

Responsive FileManager

  1. Please see official WIKI for all the parameters that RFM supports
  2. We added one, pset=yourCustomPSet

Go ahead and try it! Sweet, isn't it?
Open multiple windows, hit fullscreen on TinyMCE for distraction-free editing
Use the escape key to close
Use Ctrl+S to save a particular modal window (not the background main resource)

Place your mouse at the end of the following sentences and hit the return key

*Yes, TinyMCE can be used ...*

#... with your favourite commands

##Just use text_patterns in your init

I even use your browser's spellchekcer. Right-click on that word and see what happens...

Oops, I did not tell you, I have mousejacked your contextmenu, not really...I am just obeying you.
Go back to taht word hold the CTRL (for Wndows) and then right-click.

Because you cannot drag resources into here, I have fetched your resources for you; go to chunk TinymceWrapperLinkList and change the parent I am supposed to be querying.
I am using pdoMenu extra, so be sure you have that, I did not want to invade you by auto installing it.
To test this, create a link now, go to link list.

Oh wait, no need to ever drag again, with modxMagicHoverLink.js, you are golden.

There is a lot we can do together...you can have custom CSS to reflect how elements show up on your live site, so that the blogger won't need a preview while typing.

Visit the TinyMCE wiki, forum and fiddle page, they are the best in the planet!

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